Technical Information accessed via the Internet

We experience trouble regarding license keys for SDP3

If you have an order dated before September 2018, updating the license key connected to the order will result in an error in SDP3.
The error will show after installing the license key in SDP3. The installation will be considered successful, but no valid key will be found by SDP3.

To be able to use SDP3 with a license key you must:
  1. order a new license key (not update a previous one)
  2. activate the new license key on a computer that have not had a previous license key installed.
When the new license key expires it can then be updated on the same computer according to normal procedure.
We apologize for the inconvenience and are working towards a more sustainable solution.

Scania Technical Information Shop (TIS)

Scania TIS is a website for the purchase and display of technical information and software tools related to the maintenance and repair of Scania trucks and buses. The website contains the software applications required to access information and perform diagnostics on Scania vehicles.

The Scania Multi web client is a software application for the display of technical information related to parts and the servicing and repair of Scania 3-, 4-, and P/G/R/T/S series trucks and 4- and K/N/F series buses. The application can display general information based on the vehicle type or series, or specific information related to a unique chassis number.

The Scania diagnostic tools are SDP3 (for truck and bus chassis), BST (bus bodies) and Canela+ (bus bodies).

The tools can be downloaded from Scania TIS. The applications are activated through the purchase of a time-based licence, and may only be used on the PC where they have been installed. Additional licences and licence updates can be purchased at any time from Scania TIS.

When distributing any information from this site to associated parties such as regional, national or international networks, please review the "Terms & Conditions" section carefully, and consult the Scania distributor in your country.

Access to Scania TIS

Access to Scania TIS is available for operators in the heavy duty vehicle (trucks and buses) after sales market, as defined by Regulation (EC) No 595/2009.
Access to "Scania Multi", or a licence for the right to use "Scania Diagnos & Programmer" (SDP3) or BST software tools, can be purchased for periods of 1 hour, 1 day, 7 days, 30 days or 90 days.

For security reasons the maximum validity is 90 days, with a price corresponding to 25% of a full year's subscription.